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Sending money to a Thai Girl?

Protect yourself & your wealth and employ a Professional Investigator to make sure you are not being taken for a ride… Like the 1000s that already have !!

If the following sounds familiar, you need to investigate!

Has she said she no longer works in a bar?

Can you sometimes not get in touch with her?

Has she told you she is pregnant?

Has she said she is going to visit family in the village?

How many men are sending her money?

Does she appear to be texting / line or whatsapp alot?

Does her phone never leave her side?

Is she still working in a bar ?

Quite often men get ripped off by Thai women, and eventually lose everything. Get an investigation now before it’s too late.

Bar girls often tell you they are alone in their room, when often they are with another customer(s).

Don’t want to be taken for a fool? We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Detectives that will pose as the regular tourist and go so far as negotiating a deal.


About Us

Watch Your Bar Girl are a team of highly skilled and experienced Detectives that investigate your Thai girl.

With every investigation we give a full report containing conversations, negotiations and activities that take place and our service extends to all levels.

We are experienced detectives that understand confidentiality is paramount to you as a customer. We will never disclose the name or whereabouts of any of our detectives.

Along with our great detective experience we have 10+ years of experience in covert surveillance and information gathering.

You receive a full report and photographic / audio evidence where possible.


I thought I would write in to say that “watchyourbargirl” has been an absolute god send, I was so worried about being taken for a fool as I was regularly sending money. I responded to the website via “contact us” stating my concerns, I was contacted within hours and spoke to a detective (Dan) who was thorough in explaining to me what was what and how he could help me. I discussed the costs etc with him and decided that I had no choice but to instruct him to investigate.

I was kept informed throughout the investigation as to the movements of MRS X. The investigation lasted 2 days and I was informed that I had nothing to worry about as she was not interested in being bar fined or entertaining anyone privately. She was still working in the same bar (as she stated) but only as a waitress. The reason for my letter is to say thanks to the guys (especially Dan) from “watchyourbargirl” and to let any future customers know that it is not always bad news. I would highly recommend their services (as I have already) to anyone who has doubts. It saved me a lot of stress and put my mind at rest, Not to mention no longer having sleepless nights. Thanks guys and enjoy the sunshine, see you in November.

JIM (Lincolnshire)

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